Posted on
31 Mar 2012

Lay-By Terms and Conditions

Lay-by Terms and Conditions

Item remains the Property of Morayfield Road Supercycles until it is paid in full.

Minimum lay-by value amount $100.00

Minimum Deposit amount $50.00

Lay-by terms are 12 weeks / 3 months from deposit date unless negotiated alternatively.

An extension can be arranged under certain conditions.

Progressive payments are required.

Cancelling a Lay-by which is with in lay-by terms will incur a termination charge of $50.00 or10% which ever is Greater and the balance returned to the customer.

Please retain original receipt for proof of purchase.

We offer no refund on overdue Lay-bys unless previously arranged. We can organise time extensions if we are contacted within the Lay-by period.